The Ultimate Sales Software

Empowering the Sales Force

Sell more, Sell better and Grow faster

The Ultimate Sales Software

PrismDx is the ultimate CPQ (Cost Price Quote) type, web-based, system that aims to put the fun back in sales, the power back in your hands and allows for growth to be just a few clicks away!

Prism is the modern sales tool for the modern sales force, which allows companies to produce accurate and fast quotes, integrate their purchasing and sales, monitor their inventory, and allow for salespeople to trade and grow.

Prism is the all-in-one software that focuses on growth, by providing endless power, flexibility, control and speed for every business task. Prism aims to streamline your entire business flow while gaining more control, customer insight and sales.

Prism is a bespoke sales management tool with a customer/supplier/parts warehousing database - all on a web quoting interface. This allows you to track and quote multiple part numbers, brands and conditions from stock or multiple suppliers.

PRISM by Numbers

After 6 Months

Enquiries (Increased)

Orders (Increased)

Gross Profit (Increased)

Customer A

0 %

0 %

0 %

Customer B

0 %

0 %

0 %

Customer C

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0 %

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Trust in the (Verified Audited Results)

The Power of PRISMDX

Flexibility and Control.

1. Quote

PRICE, SELL and TRADE – quickly and accurately. Quote from stock and perform buyouts to fulfil orders from various suppliers.

2. Fulfillment

Pick, pack, scan, receive and deliver. Streamline the entire dispatch process.

3. Customers

Manage a complex, customisable, pricing matrix to sell uniquely to your customer’s needs.

4. Suppliers

Manage, track and gain insight. Store and automate supplier price files.

5. Inventory

Build, monitor, manage and track your data. Organise your database effortlessly.

6. Purchasing

The ultimate stock management tool. Replenish and track your stock with intelligent guidelines.

7. Auditing Tools

Remain in control. Track, monitor and reconcile all processes throughout your business.

8. Reports

Wide range of intelligent reports. Track and visually understand your sales and inventory.

9. Integrate

Integrate seamlessly into other ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) type software . API capability between instances and suppliers.

Unlock your True potential with PRISM Intelligence

With Prism intelligence, automation, and integration you will be able to streamline your entire business flow, while gaining customer insight and sales!

Ultimate Sales Software

Gain customer insight

Track every click/process

The Prism Pricing Matrix

Offers pricing recall, sensible pricing guidelines, growth in margins and sales simultaneously.

Purchase efficiently and accurately

Remain in control with various AUDITING TOOLS


Integrate between instances, suppliers and other software with Prism’s endless API capabilities.

Visually understand every aspect of your business

Through a wide range of interactive and impressive reports.

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